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Meet DJ Omu: Renowned International DJ and Multimedia Producer!

Jeanette “DJ Omu” Miller is a celebrated International DJ and Multimedia Producer, making significant waves in the music and entertainment industry both locally and internationally. Originating from Houston, Texas, DJ Omu has solidified her presence in the music scene through her vibrant DJing career, innovative multimedia productions, and as a pioneering creative entrepreneur.

Early Life and Education

Born in Houston, Texas, Jeanette Miller embarked on her educational journey within the Alief Independent School District, culminating in her graduation from Alief Elsik High School in 2008. Her academic pursuits led her to the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2013. Beyond academia, Miller demonstrated remarkable dedication by balancing a dual career as a DJ and a 7th-grade math teacher for seven years, showcasing her unwavering commitment to her passion for music and devotion to education.



Music and DJing

DJ Omu initiated her DJing career in 2013 amidst her collegiate years in San Antonio, Texas, setting the stage for what would become a flourishing career. Her early forays into DJing saw her curating vibrant musical atmospheres for friends, serving as an escape from the rigors of academic life. Upon returning to Houston, her venture into professional DJing quickly gained momentum, with her talents sought after for various events across the state and, eventually, internationally.


Multimedia Production and Social Media

Miller’s adeptness with technology propelled her into the social media landscape, where she shared filmed practice sets and events, captivating millions worldwide. Her innovative videos fostered a substantial online community, amplifying her influence beyond physical events. Joining forces with Afrovibes Radio in Houston, she produced "Kushe Sunday," a show dedicated to spotlighting emerging artists, further solidifying her role as a pivotal figure in the music industry.


"Vibes of the Vanguard"

Expanding her creative repertoire, DJ Omu created and produced her own show, "Vibes of the Vanguard." This platform is where she crafts her mixes, features original creations, and collaborates with other creative talents. The visual elements of the show are available on YouTube, offering a multimedia experience that showcases her multifaceted talents and contributions to the music and entertainment landscape.


Music Career Highlights

In 2020, DJ Omu released "Fall in Love," her first single, in collaboration with Sierra Leonean R&B singer Exo Don. This release marked a significant milestone in her burgeoning music production career.


Personal Life

Throughout her dynamic career, Jeanette Miller has adeptly balanced her professional endeavors with her personal passions. Her journey reflects a relentless drive, creativity, and a commitment to both her musical and educational pursuits.



  • 2020: "Fall in Love" (with Exo Don)

Awards & Honors

  • 2022 AWOL America Best DJ of The Year

  • 2022 Afro Arts Production Honours for Outstanding Contributions in Music

  • 2019 SLEA Female DJ of the Year

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