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Meet Jeanette Omu Miller


A Sierra Leonean-American social entrepreneur, DJ, and investor. She's known for her versatile talent who has made remarkable contributions in various fields including entertainment, commerce, information transfer, and investing. DJ Omu discovered her passion for DJing as a way to overcome life's challenges, forming a deep bond with music that has fueled her success in various endeavors. Let's get to know more about her as we dig deep about the person behind the persona and tag along with her inspiring journey!

Early Life

Education & Career

DJ Omu received her formal education within the Alief Independent School District, graduating from Alief Elsik High School in 2008. She then pursued her passion for sports and fitness, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) in 2013. A dedicated individual who successfully balanced a dual career as a DJ and a 7th-grade math teacher for seven years. Driven by her passion for music and commitment to education, she managed to support her family and achieve her goals by working tirelessly in both professions.


Entrepreneur & Investor

DJ Omu is a successful entrepreneur who has launched and managed businesses in fashion, health, and technology. She is also skilled in facilitating information transfer and communication, streamlining processes for organizations. Additionally, as an investor, DJ Omu identifies promising opportunities in various sectors and makes strategic investments in businesses aligned with her values and growth potential.

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Personal Life


DJ Omu is a philanthropist who actively supports charitable organizations and causes, participating in fundraising events and donating to nonprofits. In her personal life, she prioritizes staying active, leading a healthy lifestyle, and enjoys traveling, attending music festivals, and spending time with loved ones.

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